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Danya Braunstein is a consulting Psychologist for the media and entertainment industries. With over a decade of experience working in television production and related industries and a Master's degree in Media Psychology, Danya understands the unique challenges of working within this fast-paced and demanding environment. 

Connected: Media Psychology provides casting assessments and interviews. Reports can provide producers and directors with an understanding of individual behaviour and personalities, predict and interpret potential group dynamics among cast members, and provide appropriate risk assessments for production companies.

During the production, Danya is available for ongoing counselling and support for both cast and crew. This may be in response to a crisis event during production, difficulties relating to personal issues that may be affecting the production, or ongoing issues arising from involvement with the production environment. 
Clients can also be referred for debriefing and follow-up care at the conclusion of the production. 

Consultations can be booked for appointments on set, once-off or weekly appointments at the private practice in Crows Nest, NSW or remotely via telephone or the internet (Skype). Alternatively, Danya can be booked for an extensive presence for a continuous period when filming on location. 

Connected: Media Psychology also offers script and creative consultation with producers, writers and directors during pre-production and filming, to provide advice for the accurate and informed on-screen portrayals of complex personalities and behaviour, and of characters with psychological disorders.

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