Everyone wants happiness, success and stability in their life, but it's often necessary to overcome life’s challenges to achieve this. The way of creating change in our lives is through self knowledge and acceptance.

We are subject to influences from many sources; family, friends, peers, and society.

A range of media and technology play a significant role in our development, but what we learn from these sources is not always helpful or productive.

Through awareness and insight, change is an inevitable process that grows out of acceptance of past experiences and new ways of behaving in the present. 

Developing the skills and knowledge to cope with our emotional struggles leads to personal mastery.  We can make life choices that take us in the direction of personal growth and away from self-defeating habits and behaviours and we build a sense of healthy connection...

Connected:    Mind and Body                       

   Family and Community

   Global Technology

Danya Braunstein, Psychologist, offers a variety of psychology services including counselling, coaching, assessments, supervision, media consultation, and clinical and social research. 

Appointments are available for individuals and families at a private practice in Crows Nest, Sydney. Danya is also available to travel to organisations or location for on-set consultations for productions or media events. 

Please go to the contact page to make enquiries or to book an appointment.


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